Revitalizing your hair to be stronger and healthy and in turn instilling confidence in yourself. The health of your crown is what we aim for and making sure it sits properly on its Queen.

Hair is a living organism

It needs to be fed...

It needs to breathe…

It needs to be loved…

Welcome to a place where your hair, time and patronage is valued 



Every young lady that sets foot in the foyer of the Kairos Hair Salon storefront is considered royalty. As a team we understand that Kairos Queens require an elite level of service and respect and that is precisely what we  are committed to achieving. The ultimate service experience is only one click away. Visit the "Styling Team" tab to meet your new stylist.

Akeelah Hall 

Akeelah is the sole owner of Kairos Hair Salon, which started in a small single suite in Harker Heights, Texas. From that small suite Akeelah has managed to procure some of Killeen's best talents to help represent her growing brand and bring to life a vision of healthy natural hair and smiling customers. Akeelah's passion for hair began when she began her own natural hair journey 11 years ago, but couldn't afford to go to the salon. While babysitting to make extra money, Akeelah began to watch youtube videos and research healthy hair tips, while also styling the hair of the children she kept. After seeing the parent's response to the children's hair, she decided to go to hair school. That step began a journey that has been both exciting and life changing. All the experiences that Akeelah has had since starting hair school helped to birth, Kairos Hair Salon. Kairos means "In God's Time" and it is the hope of this young CEO that you will find that your visits to this salon will be just that...divine timing.